How We Got Started

Sequent Partners was formed in 2003 as a specialized brand and media metrics consultancy. Our focus began in branding, but quickly evolved to helping marketers, research companies, and the media to navigate the changing media landscape, ultimately to build brand value.

What's Changed Since Then

Everything. Media has been undergoing an extraordinary transition over the past decade. The foreseeable future promises more of the same with online social networking, viral marketing, and new digital devices changing the game completely. That’s why Sequent Partners is committed to helping clients understand evolving media choices, consumer behavior, and measurement tools.

What We Do

Sequent Partners is well recognized and respected within the industry and has been at the forefront of many of its leading initiatives. Clients come to us for impartial thought leadership and analytically-oriented consulting to leverage their media investments and build brands.

How We Do It

By focusing on performance metrics development and new media strategy, Sequent Partners allows advertisers and the media to better measure and manage their marketing investment. For the short-term, this means returns. The long-term value lies in marketing assets such as brands, customer relationships, and marketing capabilities.

Why We Do It

From our earliest days, it was clear that the media world was to be one of the most promising arenas in which to apply our core principles: helping clients build their Customer value…brand value…shareholder value®. We believe these three components can, and should, be linked in financial terms, and that the consumer should be at the center of building brand and shareholder value.