Performance Accelerating Tools For Brands, Agencies and Publishers

The Capabilities Gauge

A best-practice assessment that measures an organization’s standing on key data and analytics success drivers

The evaluation includes:

A comprehensive annual review that probes a company’s tools and techniques to uncover quality or system gaps, identifies missed opportunities, benchmarks advancements and surfaces relevant innovations. It also exposes quality or system gaps, identifies missed opportunities, benchmarks progress and explores possible innovations where data and analytics can play a role

A readiness check for companies preparing to step-up their data and analytics capabilities

A report and presentation outlining the immediate steps companies can take to improve their data and analytics capabilities, plus a longer-term roadmap for gaining competitive advantage through data and analytics

The Operations Audit

A detailed examination of an organization’s current ability to deliver their desired business insights and the operational improvements required to achieve best-practices

Specifically, the Audit explores short and long-term business goals, the current state of data and analytics and organizational readiness through the lens of:

Data – the comprehensiveness, accuracy, granularity and latency

Analytics – how representative the analytics are of an organization’s marketing, including owned and earned marketing channels

External and/or internal providers – the effectiveness of a company’s data intake management, quality assurance, responsiveness and technical competence

Internal stakeholders – the skills and expertise to be effective consumers of the data and analytics insights

Organizational processes – the inclusiveness, communication, timeliness and effectiveness

Activation – the integration of insights with the activation processes

Adoption – the barriers and attractors