2018 Attribution Accelerator

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Join Sequent Partners on October 11, 2018 as attribution measurement specialists from agencies, advertisers and the media gather at the Henry R. Luce Auditorium (225 Liberty Street – New York) to talk about key issues in attribution and ROI measurement. This year, we’re focused on Activation, Brand Metrics, TV Attribution and Innovation.

ACTIVATION: Attribution Focused On Performance
Evolving from measuring ROI to managing ROI has been the promise of attribution; we are beginning to see this promise fulfilled! Case studies from Reynolds, Safelite and Chobani will share their stories of attribution changing activation tactics and improving business performance.

BRANDS: Attribution Leveraging Brand Value
From the start, attribution has been focused on short-term conversions, ignoring the power of brands to grow profitability – until now. Citibank, Reynolds Consumer, and Estee-Lauder will share how they have integrated brands and brand effects into their models to drive profitable growth.

TELEVISION: Jump Onboard the Attribution Express
Taking a page from the digital playbook, television has developed its own attribution tool kit. Recently the number of providers has exploded from 2 to over 40! With this dizzying array of options, users want to know what’s working, what’s not and how they are affecting the television business. A&E, CBS, Roku and TripAdvisor/iSpot will share their experiences.

Innovation: What’s Next and Will We Love It?
These three advertisers will report on what they have learned on the innovation frontier about how the latest developments can drive even greater business performance: AIG: AI, Choice Hotels: Unified Modeling and J&J: Precision Targeting

Come, be part of the dialogue!