In the News: ARF Audience Measurement Conference 2017

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Originally published in MediaPost

By , Op-Ed Contributor, June 19, 2017

In addressing the increasingly complex and diverse media measurement and data analytics issues facing the industry, a Blue Ribbon group of experts offered various evaluations, concepts, recommendations and solutions at the ARF conference.

Here are some of the highlights of the event, now in its 12th year. These nuggets can be followed up via the referenced speakers and their companies or through ARF directly. To keep it simple, and hit the broad strokes, key points been summarized as follows:


Better TV Data for Better TV ROI, The CRE Study – Richard Zackon, Nielsen CRE; Dr. Jim Spaeth & Alice Sylvester, Sequent Partners

  • Diaries are too blunt a measurement instrument -- most MMM -- marketing-mix models use AQH for spot TV
  • Precise minute viewing (25 LPM markets) does not damage MMM ROI estimates in majority of cases
  • AQH diary metrics do damage MMM’s ability to determine ROI in many cases
  • Finding likely to speed Nielsen’s move to incorporating passive set tuning meters for Spot TV measurement – Fall 2018??


Further information on this comprehensive ARF Audience Measurement Event can be found at: