Sylvester Honored To Be Inducted Into Marketing Research Council Hall of Fame

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I owe my career to one woman. I know I should say Mom – she was great and had great drive when it came to business. – but no, in truth, I owe my career to  Brenda Starr  – glamorous, adventurous jet setting reporter. Yes.  From the comic strips. I read that strip every day growing up. Brenda was a modern woman, with for her exotic adventures and steamy romances. She was smart and got the job done while always wearing fabulous clothing and fabulous hairstyles. Brenda dated a lot and eventually married the mysterious Basil St. John, who had an eye patch and black orchids were regular elements of the plot.  And eventually, Brenda was promoted from reporter to editor.


So she was my role model. The definition of a career woman.  And if that makes me sound superficial or frivolous, you know why advertising was the perfect career for me. Read the rest of the remarks here.