Bill Harvey Reviews The CIMM Study: Need Proven for Ad-ID and for Non-Use of Smart TV Data Alone

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CIMM CEO and Managing Director Jane Clarke, Sequent Partners Jim Spaeth and Alice Sylvester, and Janus President Howard Shimmel have conducted a much-needed and powerful study of nine companies using set top box and/or Smart TV data in ROI attribution.These thoughts about the study reflect my own thinking and are not ideas brought out in the CIMM paper. The CIMM paper is factual and impartial.

The study shows that none of the ways we have of measuring ad occurrence is totally accurate. And that this has a non-trivial effect on the reads that we get from all ROI attribution suppliers. This points to the urgency of finally pulling the trigger on Ad-ID as a code implanted in the ad and read automatically by all suppliers. Ad-ID was introduced 18 years ago.

The study also shows that without set top box data also being used, it is not a good idea to use Smart TV data on its own: the approach misses what appears to be about 20% of viewing even using methods which attempt to make up for measuring approximately 1.1 of the 2.6 TV sets per average home.