Thinking About Unified Measurement?

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So are we! Five years ago, Forrester defined unified measurement as a blended statistical technique that assigns value to each element of the marketing mix at both a strategic and tactical level. 

Despite the obvious appeal of a single model, many people questioned just how analytic stalwarts like Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-touch Attribution could be joined.  These tools are quite different — they inform different marketing questions, operate at entirely different levels of granularity, are utilized by very different groups within an organization, etc., etc., etc.  Exactly how could such inherently different tools be brought together and unified? 

On September 15th, the ARF held an event, moderated by Alice Sylvester of Sequent Partners,  to find out. The ARF’s Cross-Platform Measurement Council Attribution Working Group, chaired by Helen Katz of Publicis, issued invitations to many marketing mix and attribution modelers to share blinded case studies involving unified measurement. The goal was to see unified measurement in action, to see the scope of the analyses and the business results associated with the tool. 

What are the key takeaways from the event? Download our report here!