OOH MMM & Attribution Best Practices 2021

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Sequent Partners and the OAAA’s developed new and important Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution Best Practices for OOH media. We made an extensive study of current practices and spoke with over 26 modelers, marketers, media companies, DSPs and mobile location data companies.  The result is a set of absolutely up-to-date best practices for data inputs (location data, ad occurrences, ad exposures and outcome matching) and analytics in Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution, with a focus on out of home media.

“Through our analysis, we saw some clear basic steps that agencies and advertisers need to adopt for effective attribution in OOH,” said Alice Sylvester, partner, Sequent Partners. “This begins with ensuring that accurate and precise data inputs are being utilized in models. More granular inputs enable more granular models and more actionable insights. But it is equally important that the marketplace outcome variable be aligned with the role of OOH in the campaign. For example, if OOH is charged with driving brand awareness, it should not be evaluated on its performance for driving short term sales.”

Available from OAAA.org