Sequent Partners Co-authors I-COM Global White Paper, “Current Issues In Attribution And How To Overcome Them”

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Alice Sylvester authored the chapter on Data Input Quality and Jim Spaeth authored the chapter on Identity Resolution in this brand new, important resource for marketers and publishers.


The data used to fuel attribution studies, disparate 1st and 3rd party data, media input and behavioral outcomes data, comes in many shapes and sizes. To ensure your results make sense and match your understanding of your business, it’s important to have a passing familiarity with the trade-offs and the strengths and weaknesses of the data feeding into attribution models. That way, you can ask questions and ultimately make informed decisions on how to apply model results.


Identity resolution (a.k.a. data matching) is the linchpin of attribution, the technique that knits together all of the siloed measures of media exposure and conversion behavior. It remains the single most challenging aspect of attribution. When it is not done well, attribution models provide biased guidance to marketers that can result in substantial misallocation of funds, underperforming campaigns and low marketing ROI. Informed marketers can avoid such an identity crisis.